Here is great detail in creative "altruistic propaganda" about the HK: ArtiST Festival & publication, showcasing dozens of feature stories & listings. Including print & online expanded editions of our premiere & CURRENT AND INTERNATIONALLY DISTRIBUTED issues of "At The Edge" & our detailed Sponsor/Media Kits.  These 20+ page documents clarify the print & online strategies, great demographics & strength of Hell's Kitchen & surrounding neighborhoods, advertising policies, etc.  Also our youtube channel/videos, ads, biz. plan, 5 social media, press releases, many beautifully done 2-sided maps & postcards... & more.

- '13 HK Artist Festival PROMO VIDEO!! -

The '13 Collector's Edition of "At The Edge" is out!  We are getting INTERNATIONAL distribution for our 220 page, joyous & visionary, densely packed sophomore arts & cultural magazine! May 17-19th is the 5th Annual HK: ArtiST Festival: Self guided tours of artist's in home, studio, galleries, gardens, theaters, many local biz., group shows, public performance art... And 3 nights 30 hours of parties 6PM-4AM offering continual performance, + for artists & the public to network & play.  Enjoy the cultural cornucopia with distinguished & emerging artists, performers & literary figures.
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*** 2013 Festival Press Release ***

Grab-ity! Media  for   HK: ArtiST Studio Tours 2013 
All 3 Nights & 2 Daaaze... 

New York, April 2013 - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
Something Remarkable Started Last Decade…
Join us for the 5th annual Hell's Kitchen HK: ArtiST Festival May 17-19!  All FREE Midtown festival unveiling working artists in their homes and studios, galleries, theaters, artwork in local business - & join us for continual music and theater performances at 30 hours of fun, networking plus gratis parties over 3 nights!  Bonus for the public: a special community collaboration - our 2nd year sharing of the same weekend with (now on its 40th anniversary) the 9th Avenue International Food Festival!!  Several 100,000 enjoy cuisine, culture & free live stage shows. SEE BELOW: FOR COPIUS INFO/PRESS/VIDEOS/ADS/MEDIA KITS/MAPS... View/download our Hell's Kitchen art walk map, including on smart phones, media features/listings/videos/social media + more at!

- Full Press Release -

Join our second Collector’s Edition, which is supported by the 5th annual massive free spring weekend, taking place during its national distribution-& at also at our approximately 150 mapped exhibit, party & show destinations!  
These include: popular businesses, stores, homes, studios, galleries, & theaters with all manner of performance & public spectacle.  Again featuring formal & after parties spanning 30 hours over 3 nights! 
Call to Artists: 1up | 4up Postcard: '13 | '12
Sponsor Benefits / Packages Pricing Sheet Map 1 | 2
Latest Press Release "At The Edge" Mag Tease
- See the Hell's Kitchen Video Page!! -
We always draw plentiful & eclectic of media, art connoisseurs & curious visitors, outsiders + so many who live and/or work nearby. SEE our state of the art Web Site & assorted roiling Social Media (2 fb pages/twitter/tublr/flickr), countless press, TV & radio features & listings, videos/youtube channel, ads, many over-sized & 2 sided postcard invitations & maps, press releases, premiere, expanded & current commemorative editions of "At The Edge", corporate & local Sponsor/Media kits, public announcements, forms & more at the table to the right.  We are a proud production of HKAG/HKAA (Hell’s Kitchen Artist’s Guild/Association).
The content of our Art & Cultural magazine will again feature but not be limited to Hell's Kitchen Artists Guild/ Association (HKAA/HKAG) members. It overflows with sublime art from moder through classic, & the various designers have been guided to create what amounts to mini-galleries, a joyous explosion of creative energy

in backgrounds & layout. The literary content ranges from personal stories & triumphs through fiction, trenchant opinion, one fascinating long interview, poetry, HK: ArtiST Festival features, & more.  Submissions from the renowned Rubin Museum ( & art collective leaders are personal favorites.

Magazine Launch Parties!!

The complimentary Magazine Launch Party for NYC Friday March 1st, 6 PM-4AM, at the fabled Art Deco elegance of The Empire Room. Street level bar of The Empire State Building, entrance on West 33rd Street West of 5th Avenue. Free, continual entertainment, body painting, make art: drink specials & assorted surprises, also free issues for 1st 50 guests & also those who participated or were featured in the magazine or at the HK: ArtiST (Hell's Kitchen Artists in Studio Tours) Festival from whence it sprang! That will be followed up by the NJ Release party on March 2nd 7pm-2am @ The Gin Mill 119 Brighton Ave Kearny NJ. with multiple musical performances as well as art vendors!! Come help us celebrate, & invite anyone you like, especially if they love great & visionary, well wrought, &/or surreal art & literature! Just no jeans T-Shirts & sneakers at this venue, thouigh business casual OR fancy is quite fine! RSVP FOR FREE LAUNCH PARTYS/SHOWS!!

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